It’s Fall!

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That means Fall TV! Oh, I know I am a few days late in that announcement. I have also neglected my Pinterest post again. I am just a little behind. My new mantra

So Fall TV, the most glorious time in which I zone out like a zombie in front of a box that flashes millions of pixels at me. I am a loyal zombie. Granted always a day late, because I watch everything on Hulu.

So I will inform you of what I will be watching this season. I also included when I watch these shows, lest you think my child is being neglected. Oh, I can also give a mini “why I watch” since I am late, so see, it’s a positive!


PanAm, I “watched” the premier, I was reading my textbook and just had it on in the background. I am a huge Mad Men fan, and from the little that I saw I think that I will enjoy this show as well. I am planning on watching it Mondays before Dylan wakes up.


Castle, this show is one of the few that due to it’s time slot I am able to watch it the day it comes on. I love Nathan Fillion. I love this cast, and the writers are amazing. I watch this one live.


Glee, I was a bit dissapointed with the premier. It just doesn’t seem to be holding onto that quick wit that it once had. I watch this on Wednesdays during Dylans nap.

New Girl, has potential, I am a Zooey fan and I think that once this show gets it’s footing it will be one of my new favorites. I watch this in the morning when Daniel leaves and Dylan is still asleep.

Parenthood, I really enjoy this show. A lot. I have loved Lauren Grahm since Gilmore Girls (seeing a trend with how I choose my shows?) I try to watch this one live but this season it just won’t happen because I am driving home from class at 9. So I watch this with Daniel Wednesday night


I watch all of these shows on Thursday during naptime

The Middle, I haven’t watched this one yet. I enjoy this show but it’s not on my can’t miss list.

Modern Family, LOVE. If you have not seen this show, watch it from the beginning it is completely worth it.

Up All Night, meh. I think I wanted it to be so much more than it was. I may drop this one.

Free Agents, I am such a Hank Azaria fan and bonus Anthony Head is in this show! It was pretty funny, I think it’s a keeper.


I watch these Friday Morning before Dylan wakes up

Community, I may not watch this as much, it isn’t great anymore. I do love Joel McHale though.

Parks and Rec, just LOVE.

The Office, just LOVE.

I would watch The Big Bang Theory and How I met your Mother but they are not on Hulu or Netflix streaming. I miss those shows!

Friday & Saturday:

Psh, there are no shows that I watch these nights. The husband and I have a standing date night! Saturday we just crash at 9, the TV doesn’t even get turned on.


Toilet Talk

September 21, 2011 § Leave a comment

I want to talk about something pretty important. Public Bathrooms. They are wrong.

Specifically it’s the toilet, it never fails that the dang toilet decides I have been taking too long and is trying to rush me off the pot. I have my jeans halfway up my rear, sometimes not even that far up and the toilet is gearing up *Click* *VRRRRRRRRRRRRRWWWSSSSHHHH* This is one of the most annoying things in the universe, let me tell you why.  Toilet water sprays. I just picture toilet water all over me when that dang thing flushes on it’s own. I don’t care how microscopic, that is gross. So the whole experience seriously disturbs/traumatizes me.

In the past I have always had a bit of a ninja technique with public toilets. I will get myself completely situated, pants firmly over bum, I then unlock the door then use my foot to flush and hightail it out of there.  But this whole automatic revolution is leaving me with a delima. No ninja move allowed, and I have not figured out a super acrobatic move that will get me out of there before the automatic flush kicks in.

So my ideal situation would be as follows: I just did a ninja move out of the toilet, washed my hands but I know that other people choose not to take advantage of the free water, soap, and towels offered so I do not want to touch the door. Now, the DOOR to the bathroom is what really needs to be automatic and my experience would be just perfect an experience one can have in a public bathroom that is.



Sundays make me happy!

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I love Sundays, it is a wonderful day in our home. We wake up and have breakfast together in our pajamas then just relax for the rest of the day. Errands are run at a snails pace, groceries, laundry, basic cleaning all get done calmly and slowly. Then Football! Mainly…well only Dallas Cowboys.  Something else? I get to share my pins!

Source: via Valerie on Pinterest

Source: via Valerie on Pinterest

Source: via Valerie on Pinterest

Such is life

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So I have been a stay at home mom for almost two years. I am now an extremely part time working outside the home mom, by that I mean that I only work 16 hours. But y’all kids are expensive and with the current “crisis” in our educational system, public school has me a bit freaked out.

For me as a kid I went to private school from grade 4-7. I then went to public school in a district that was rated exceptional and that 8th grade year I felt like I was repeating the 7th grade. It jaded me a bit. Now, credit where credit is due, my 11th grade AP History teacher was by far my greatest influence, so there are no doubt some amazing public school teachers (and I know there are some sub par Private School teachers).

Now that there seems to be a budget crisis that is only getting exponentially worse, teachers that seem to be even more under appreciated, it just solidifies that we will be going the private school route. Cue job, it’s not much but it will put us in a great position, by the time Dylan goes to school we will have 3 years of tuition saved. But in the midst of all of this we decided to add two more flaming torches to the juggling act.

I am going to school myself. In 5 years I am going to open up an Art Gallery. It is daunting, and unbelievably exciting.  I am so elated because I finally know what I am going to be when I grow up! You heard it here first, I will be a gallery owner, my child will go to private school, I am going to go even more crazy, and nothing could possibly happen to deter these things from happening. Right? Right!

So…what had happened was

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I’m not good at featured days! I didn’t forget about Pinterest Sundays but I just haven’t been motivated to insert pictures. It seemed so daunting. The thought process was something like “I can’t, I don’t have time, I mean I would have to LINK things!” I will try to make it a semi-regular thing though! So here, a day and a few weeks late, are my favorite pins this week.

This weekend I just forgot

September 6, 2011 § Leave a comment

This weekend was absolutely wonderful! The weather was gorgeous and we were able to go outside and not instantly melt. It was a three day weekend and those are always great. We went to various parks, and basically stayed outside the entire time. Then Monday night I was setting up my calendar and Daniel and I realized that our 3 year wedding anniversary was that day we had both completely 100% forgot about it. Was the culprit of this slight amnesia old age or parenthood?


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So Dylan has always been a ridiculously easy baby, he started sleeping through the night around 8 months. Before that he only woke up twice a night. Easy. He had a few nights of sleep regression, and we are currently in a very nightmarish situation. I *think* his molars are coming in. I don’t know for sure, he doesn’t have a fever but he does have a runny nose and is fighting sleep like a prize fighter.

 When we transitioned from rocking to sleep and just putting him down saying I love you and walking out we would put him in the crib and then lay next to the crib on the floor. The first few nights it took about an hour, after that gradually it went down to 15 minutes, and finally we were able to just walk out (about a week total). We have been doing this for about a year now. Perfect. But THIS entire situation has thrown me for a bit of a loop.

Last night we walked out and it was an absolute meltdown, we tried going in every 5 minutes or so because with him already being a mucousy mess we had to have him blow his nose otherwise the drainage may cause a sore throat, so we tried the laying next to him, wasn’t working. We walked out. Daniel and I were in bed talking about how we would just have to go in and lay next to him but before we were able to THUMP. The loudest thump ever. I felt immediate panic, and oh the extreme guilt, he had fallen out of his crib. We ran in and calmed him down, checked for injuries then put him back in his crib, and layed on the floor next to him. I let Daniel take first shift, about 30 minutes (Dylan was still crying the entire time), then I went in and after about 15 he was finally out. At around 1:30 he woke himself up because he couldn’t breath through his nose and his throat was dry, we gave him some water and had him blow his nose. Nosebleed ensued. It was very minor, we finally were all able to go to sleep. This morning he woke up late, around 1045. He seems happy, but looks pretty tired.

I am at work this afternoon I really hope my mother in law is able to get him down for a nap because I don’t want to deal with the over exhausted monster tonight. My poor child, I wish I knew what would make this easier. Right now I’m grasping for solutions and this is only day 1 of this, I hope it is day 1 and done.

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